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Will Poulter is a British actor born on January 28, 1993, in Hammersmith, London. He began his acting career at a young age, appearing in school plays and local theater productions. Poulter is known for his philanthropic work. He has been involved in various charitable causes, including supporting anti-bullying campaigns and mental health awareness initiatives. In 2020, he was appointed as an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, a charity that supports young people in the United Kingdom who are facing difficult life circumstances. Just one thing to say about Poulter he is an amazing actor. 

1. We’re the Millers 

We’re the Millers poster

In “We’re the Millers”, Will Poulter plays the role of Kenny Rossmore, a socially awkward teenage neighbor of David Clark (played by Jason Sudeikis), who is forced to pose as David’s son in their fake family. 

Kenny is portrayed as a naive and innocent teenager who has lived a sheltered life with his overprotective mother. He is often the target of bullying and ridicule from his peers, and his lack of social skills and confidence make him a bit of an outcast. 

Poulter’s performance as Kenny was widely praised by critics, with many highlighting his comedic timing and ability to convey both vulnerability and strength in the character. 

2. Midsommar 

movie midsommar poster

In the 2019 horror film “Midsommar”, Will Poulter plays the character of Mark, one of the friends of the main character Dani (played by Florence Pugh). Mark is portrayed as a cynical and insensitive person who is more interested in partying and hooking up than supporting his friend through her grief. 

Mark accompanies Dani and their friends on a trip to a remote Swedish village to participate in a pagan festival, but he quickly becomes bored and irritated with the seemingly endless rituals and ceremonies. He often makes inappropriate jokes and comments, and his behavior becomes increasingly disruptive and disrespectful toward the villagers. 

Without giving away too many spoilers, Mark’s lack of respect towards the villagers and their traditions eventually leads to a gruesome and terrifying fate. Poulter’s performance as Mark was praised for its convincing portrayal of a selfish and unsympathetic character, as well as his ability to convey the horror and shock of the events that unfold. 

3. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 

The Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Treader poster

Will Poulter played the character of Eustace Scrubb in the third film adaptation of “The Chronicles of Narnia” book series, titled “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.” Eustace is a cousin of the Pevensie siblings and initially appears to be a disagreeable and annoying character. 

However, throughout the film, Eustace undergoes a transformation as he becomes trapped in Narnia and is forced to face the consequences of his actions. He eventually learns to become a more humble, selfless, and courageous person and becomes an integral part of the adventure to find the seven lost lords and defeat the evil green mist. 

Will Poulter’s performance as Eustace Scrubb was widely praised, and he received critical acclaim for his portrayal of the character. 

4. Dopesick 

movie Dopesick poster

Will Poulter plays the character of Dr. Kipper in the TV miniseries “Dopesick,” which premiered in 2021, Dr. Kipper is a young and ambitious doctor who works for Purdue Pharma, the company responsible for creating and marketing OxyContin, a highly addictive prescription painkiller. 

Dr. Kipper starts off as an enthusiastic and idealistic employee who genuinely believes that OxyContin is a safe and effective painkiller. However, as the series progresses and he witnesses the devastating effects of the opioid epidemic, he becomes increasingly conflicted about his role in the company and the harm caused by Purdue Pharma’s aggressive marketing tactics. 

Will Poulter’s performance as Dr. Kipper has been praised for its subtlety of a complex character grappling with moral dilemmas. 

5. The Maze Runner 

movie the maze runner's poster

Will Poulter played the character of Gally in the film “The Maze Runner”, which was released in 2014, Gally is a member of the Gladers, a group of boys who are trapped in a maze with no memory of their past lives. 

Gally is initially presented as a tough and aggressive character who is fiercely loyal to the rules and traditions of the Glade. He has a deep distrust of the new arrival, Thomas (played by Dylan O’Brien), who he sees as a threat to the established order of the Glade. 

However, as the film progresses and the truth about the maze is revealed, Gally’s character becomes more complex. He struggles with his own fears and insecurities, and his loyalty to the Gladers is tested when he is forced to confront the dark secrets of the maze. 

Will Poulter’s performance as Gally was praised for its intensity and emotional depth, and he was recognized for his ability to convey both the character’s toughness and vulnerability. 

6. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch 

Black Mirror Bandersnatch poster

Will Poulter’s character in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is named Colin Ritman. Colin is a successful video game designer who works at Tuckersoft, a fictional game company in the 1980s. He is a bit of a rebel and a free thinker, and he quickly forms a bond with the main character, Stefan (played by Fionn Whitehead). 

Colin becomes a mentor figure to Stefan, helping him as he struggles to create his own video game based on the book “Bandersnatch”. Colin encourages Stefan to explore different realities and to question his own sense of free will. He introduces Stefan to the concept of alternate universes and the idea that every choice we make creates a different version of ourselves. 

He also has a habit of disappearing and reappearing at crucial moments in the story, which adds to his enigmatic persona. 

7. The Revenant 

will poulter's scene in movie The Revenant 

Will Poulter’s character in The Revenant is named Jim Bridger. The Revenant is a historical drama film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and released in 2015. The film is based on the true story of the legendary frontiersman, Hugh Glass (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), who was left for dead by his companions after being mauled by a bear. 

Jim Bridger is a young member of the trapping expedition led by Captain Andrew Henry (played by Domhnall Gleeson). After Glass is attacked by a bear, Bridger is ordered by the expedition leader to stay with Glass and fellow trapper John Fitzgerald (played by Tom Hardy) until he dies, then to give him a proper burial. 

Overall, Will Poulter’s portrayal of Jim Bridger in The Revenant is nuanced and convincing, capturing the complexity of a young man caught between his loyalty to his comrades and his own sense of morality. 

8. Maze Runner: The Death Cure 

movie Maze Runner The Death Cure poster 

Will Poulter’s character in Maze Runner: The Death Cure is named Gally. The Death Cure is a science fiction action film released in 2018 and is the third and final installment in the Maze Runner film series.  

In The Death Cure, Gally makes a brief appearance as a member of the rebellion led by Janson (played by Aidan Gillen). He is captured by the protagonists and reluctantly joins forces with them in their mission to rescue their friends who are being held captive by the organization known as WCKD. 

9. Son of Rambow 

movie son of rambow poster

Will Poulter’s character in Son of Rambow is named Lee Carter. Son of Rambow is a British coming-of-age comedy-drama film released in 2007, directed by Garth Jennings. 

Lee Carter is a rebellious and imaginative schoolboy who befriends Will Proudfoot (played by Bill Milner), a shy and introverted classmate. The two boys bond over their shared love of filmmaking, and together they embark on a project to create their own homemade version of the blockbuster action film Rambo: First Blood. 

Lee’s friendship with Will deepens and he begins to take on a more supportive role, helping Will to overcome his fears and express himself through their film project. Lee also learns some valuable lessons about responsibility and the importance of family along the way. 

Will Poulter’s portrayal of Lee Carter in Son of Rambow is a standout performance, showcasing his range as an actor and his ability to bring depth and nuance to even the most irreverent and outrageous characters. 

10. Detroit 

movie detroit poster

Will Poulter played the character of Krauss in the movie “Detroit”. Krauss is a white police officer in the Detroit Police Department who is depicted as being racist and abusive toward African American citizens. 

Krauss is part of a group of police officers who raided the Algiers Motel in 1967 during the Detroit riots, where they brutally interrogate and torture a group of African American men and women. Krauss is shown to be the ringleader of this violent and horrific incident, as he orders his fellow officers to beat and terrorize the hostages. 

Will Poulter’s portrayal of Krauss in “Detroit” is a chilling and powerful depiction of the destructive nature of racism and police brutality. 

11. Wild Bill 

movie Wild Bill poster

In the 2011 British crime film “Wild Bill”, Will Poulter played the character of Dean, the 15-year-old son of the titular character, Bill (played by Charlie Creed-Miles). 

Dean is portrayed as a troubled and neglected teenager who has been forced to grow up too quickly due to his father’s absence and criminal lifestyle. He has been living alone in their rundown apartment for several weeks before his father is released from prison and returns home. 

Poulter’s performance as Dean in “Wild Bill” was widely praised for its authenticity and emotional depth. He effectively captured the struggles and vulnerabilities of a troubled teenager, while also showing the character’s growth and maturity over the course of the film. 

12. Kids in Love 

movie Kids in Love poster

In the 2016 British coming-of-age drama “Kids in Love”, Will Poulter played the character of Jack, a wealthy young man who is uncertain about his future and struggling to find meaning in his life. 

Jack experiences a series of highs and lows as he navigates his relationships with his family, friends, and romantic interests. He is faced with difficult choices about his future and his identity, and ultimately learns valuable lessons about love, loss, and the importance of pursuing one’s passions. 

Poulter’s performance as Jack in “Kids in Love” was praised for its authenticity and emotional depth. He effectively captured the conflicting emotions and desires of a young man searching for his place in the world, while also showing the character’s growth and maturity over the course of the film. 

13. War Machine

In the 2017 Netflix original film “War Machine,” Will Poulter played the character of Lieutenant Bonson, an idealistic and ambitious young officer who serves as an aide to General Glen McMahon (played by Brad Pitt). 

Bonson serves as a sounding board for McMahon and attempts to keep his spirits up as the general faces mounting obstacles and setbacks in his efforts to bring stability to Afghanistan. However, as the mission begins to unravel and tensions rise between McMahon and his superiors, Bonson is forced to confront some uncomfortable truths about the nature of the war and his own role in it. 

Poulter’s performance as Bonson in “War Machine” was widely praised for its nuance and complexity. He effectively captured the character’s youthful idealism and determination, while also conveying his growing disillusionment and doubts about the mission. Overall, Bonson served as an important foil to McMahon’s character, highlighting some of the moral ambiguities and complexities of the war in Afghanistan. 

14. Plastic

movie plastic's poster

In the 2014 British heist thriller “Plastic,” Will Poulter played the character of Sam, a young and ambitious college student who gets involved in a credit card scam with a group of his friends. 

Sam becomes increasingly embroiled in the scam and begins to face a series of escalating risks and dangers. He is forced to make difficult choices about his loyalty to his friends and his own self-preservation, as the group’s criminal activities begin to attract the attention of dangerous criminals and law enforcement officials. 

Poulter’s performance as Sam in “Plastic” was praised for its energy and charisma, as well as its ability to convey the character’s growing sense of desperation and fear. He effectively captured the conflicting emotions and motivations of a young man who is drawn into a life of crime, while also showing the character’s vulnerability and naivety in the face of danger. 

15. The Little Stranger 

the little stranger movie poster

In the 2018 gothic horror film “The Little Stranger,” Will Poulter played the character of Roderick Ayres, Jr., the son of a once-wealthy family who lives in a decaying mansion in rural England in the years following World War II. 

Roderick becomes increasingly fixated on the supernatural events that are occurring in the house, including strange noises, apparitions, and unexplained occurrences. He is convinced that the house is haunted by the ghost of his late sister and becomes increasingly paranoid and unstable as he tries to confront the entity. 

Poulter’s performance as Roderick in “The Little Stranger” was praised for its complexity and nuance. He effectively captured the character’s sense of isolation and despair, as well as his growing obsession with the supernatural. He also conveyed the character’s vulnerability and sensitivity, making Roderick a sympathetic figure despite his flaws and shortcomings. Overall, Roderick served as an important anchor for the movie’s themes of trauma, grief, and the supernatural, and Poulter’s performance was a key element of the film’s success. 

16. School of Comedy 

school of comedy movie poster

In the British comedy television series “School of Comedy,” which aired from 2009 to 2011, Will Poulter played various characters in different sketches throughout the show’s three seasons. 

“School of Comedy” was a sketch comedy show that featured a group of teenage performers who acted out a range of comedic scenarios, often based on common school experiences and social situations. Poulter was one of the core members of the cast and appeared in numerous sketches throughout the show’s run. 

Poulter’s performances in “School of Comedy” were praised for their comedic timing and energy, as well as their ability to capture the awkwardness and uncertainty of adolescence. The show was a popular hit in the UK and helped to establish Poulter as a talented comedic performer at a young age. 

17. Glassland 

Glassland movie poster

In the 2014 Irish drama film “Glassland,” Will Poulter played the character of Shane, a troubled young man who is struggling with addiction and is a source of constant worry and frustration for his mother. 

Shane’s story is interwoven with that of his mother, as she tries to navigate the challenges of caring for a son who seems to be slipping further and further away from her. As the film progresses, Shane’s struggles with addiction and his complicated relationship with his mother come to a head, leading to a powerful and emotional climax. 

Poulter’s performance as Shane in “Glassland” was praised for its authenticity and emotional depth. Poulter’s performance was a key element of the movie’s critical success. 


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