Rambo Movies in Order: How to watch the Series in chronological order


Here is the chronological order of the “Rambo” movies, featuring the iconic character John Rambo: 

  1. “First Blood” (1982): The first film in the series introduces John Rambo, a former Green Beret and Vietnam War veteran. Rambo becomes involved in a confrontation with a small-town sheriff and his deputies, leading to a one-man war against the authorities. 
  1. “Rambo: First Blood Part II” (1985): In the sequel, Rambo is released from prison and offered a mission to return to Vietnam to gather intelligence on American prisoners of war. He finds himself on a personal mission to rescue the POWs and confront the trauma of his past. 
  1. “Rambo III” (1988): In this installment, Rambo travels to Afghanistan to rescue his former commanding officer and friend, Colonel Trautman, who has been captured by Soviet forces during the Soviet-Afghan War. Rambo joins forces with the Afghan Mujahideen in a mission against the enemy. 
  1. “Rambo” (2008): Often referred to as “Rambo IV,” this film sees Rambo living a reclusive life in Thailand. He is persuaded to join a group of Christian missionaries on a humanitarian mission in war-torn Myanmar (Burma), leading to a violent and brutal conflict against a ruthless military regime. 
  1. “Rambo: Last Blood” (2019): The final film in the series finds Rambo living on his family ranch in Arizona. When his niece is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel, Rambo embarks on a mission to rescue her, unleashing his lethal skills for a final showdown. 

These movies showcase the action-packed adventures of John Rambo as he battles against enemies and confronts personal demons. 


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