Top 5 Movies Like “Nobody” Worth Your Time

movies like Nobody

If you enjoyed the action-packed thriller “Nobody” and are looking for similar movies with a blend of intense action and a relatable protagonist pushed to their limits, here are some recommendations: 

  1. “John Wick” series: Starring Keanu Reeves, these films follow the story of a retired hitman who seeks revenge after a group of criminals targets him. With its stylized action sequences and a mysterious underworld, “John Wick” shares similarities with “Nobody” in terms of its high-octane action and relentless protagonist. 
  1. “The Equalizer” (2014) and “The Equalizer 2” (2018): These films star Denzel Washington as a former government operative who uses his skills to help those in need. With its gritty action and a protagonist who takes justice into his own hands, “The Equalizer” offers a similar mix of thrills and vengeance. 
  1. “Taken” series: Starring Liam Neeson, these films follow a retired CIA operative as he uses his skills to rescue his family members who have been kidnapped. “Taken” shares the theme of a seemingly ordinary person with a hidden past unleashing their skills to protect their loved ones. 
  1. “Death Wish” (2018): This film is a remake of the 1974 classic and stars Bruce Willis as a man who becomes a vigilante after his family is brutally attacked. It explores themes of justice and revenge, with a protagonist who transforms into a one-man killing machine. 
  1. “Atomic Blonde” (2017): Starring Charlize Theron, this action-thriller follows a top-level MI6 spy who must navigate a web of deceit and betrayal in 1989 Berlin. It features stylish action sequences and a strong, capable female protagonist. 

These movies share the elements of a relentless protagonist facing overwhelming odds, engaging in intense action sequences, and seeking justice or revenge. They offer a similar mix of thrilling action, suspense, and a protagonist who is pushed to their limits. 


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